Artsvik Minasyan on environmental issues of Yerevan: ‘Everything normal’

Artsvik Minasyan on environmental issues of Yerevan: ‘Everything normal’

What does the chief environmentalist of the republic think about the environment and the environment issues of Yerevan? talked about this with the revolutionary minister of the Nature Protections Artsvik Minasyan. According to the minister: “We have a problem with reducing the pollution of the air basin and using clear technology. I must point out that we do already have some models done with Yerevan Municipality. The minister brought up the  change of the lights at Isakov avenue as an example: “We don’t want to carry out expansion works of green areas only in Yerevan.” To our question about how the current environmental situation is, the minister answered: “It’s normal”. Then the minister added: “If the aim of your question lays in presenting some notion about today’s political, pre-electoral process, then you should ask it directly.”  

We tried to ensure the minister that there is not any political subtext and that we only needed the opinion of a citizen of Yerevan and a person that’s responsible for the environment.

We should point out that the environmental problem of the city is not only the greenery and we expected the minister to talk about, let’s say, the commission of more than 30 open mines in Yerevan and their impact on the environment of the capital, but Minasyan didn’t mention anything about it, saying that the press conference was over.

It should be noted that the Armenian Revolutionary Federation has announced that they will support the RPA during the elections of the mayor of Yerevan. “This decision comes from the commitment of these two parties to make quality changes in the country.

We encourage our friends and supporters to vote for the list, that’s topped by Taron Margaryan, on the 14th of May.”


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