5 years break

5 years break

Today is the last day of the campaign. Political forces for the last time will have their fiery speeches, do last acts of their hysterical part. And it is the end. The end of not only the Yerevan City Council campaign but also all kind of campaigns: break for 5 years. Of course, there would be some speeches in parliament, but they will not be so often and not so pompous – National Assembly is not a campaign and there is no occasion to “tear” throats every day.

Yesterday one of my friends asked a rhetorical question: why have everything became this irksome. In my opinion, the answer is obvious – demand begets supply. People is being offered what they want to listen. If I talk about love, tolerance, generosity hundreds of angry glances will stare at me at once and that many people will hiss. If I speak about killing, burning, tearing into pieces I would get applauses at once. Lumpenization of the society also causes the lumpenization of social conscience. So there is no secret that we are in the same cycle.

Authority representatives, as a rule, are inarticulate, feeble-minded and illogical, in short, they are “corresponding” and “itself”. The oppositionists are strict, lashing, under the slogans, in short, they “will win” and “the regime is in panic”. If during the parliamentary campaign that style was appropriate, in case of Yerevan City Council such slogans are quite artificial.  The theme of these elections nevertheless is other.

Electing the political force who is nominated for National Assembly, I was electing the concept, not the people, that is why I have elected “Free democrats”. If I elected Yerevan mayor I should have chosen a person who will effectively lead the city. He can be a communist,  a hunchak and “Armenian brave”. “Panic” or “regime” cries in this case though continue to please the lumpenized mass, but are not appropriate.

I am not going to elect Yerevan City Council as I am not the resident of the capital. And I don’t want to advise or make appeals – let the preachers do that. Instead, I am pleased to note that there will not be elections in next  5 years. I hope so.



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