‘Let them not think they can digest this:’ Karine Khodikyan

‘Let them not think they can digest this:’ Karine Khodikyan

The decision of the Government of the RA to optimize 20 schools is being seriously criticized by intellectuals.

During the press conference, Yerevan State University associate professor of Language History Narine Dilbaryan noticed that she had such concerns, which became true: “In the Government of Karen Karapetyan calculations are made well. They reveal that many schools no longer justify themselves in regions, villages and frontier areas and, therefore, it is decided to bring forward the optimization. In the process of state building, financial, economic calculations are sometimes bad advisers because, if we lead by these principles, being independent also requires finance so it would be more favorable if you are in the status of the colony. This road leads to a dead end, to hell. ”

According to Mrs. Dilbaryan the optimization, though in the terms of finances has been done well, sometimes it leads to a dead end in the fields of education and culture: “If those schools are closed, I can guarantee you that very quickly those villages will also close. No one will want to cut kilometers to bring their children to school. Many people prefer to go abroad to live in peace. Now they will leave the village coming to Yerevan and we will make Yerevan as the Republic of Armenia”.

Chief editor of the “Literary” newspaper Karine Khodikyan advises “the bright minds of the Government” to set aside financial calculations and remember about their Armenian nature: “Schools are closed in order to close the frontier villages. And then the enemy, which says that he will get in Yerevan in 14 minutes, now will get in 4 minutes. A soldier, whom you sacrifice every day, standing at the border, is fighting because there is a village, people, children and a school behind him. ”

Narine Dilbaryan thinks the fact, that many members of the Government of Karen Karapetyan have Russian education, has had a role in this question, “It is dangerous to get the education in Russia as there are good brainwashing technologies there. Getting such education they are come to the RA with washed brains and execute such projects. ”

Narine Dilbaryan considers the closure plan of State Language Inspectorate as a dangerous part of a very dangerous program, “Karen Karapetyan goes through the way of weak resistance. Something must be done. Who is the safest? – State Language Inspectorate. The prime minister does not shine with Armenian language skills so it has a little importance in his outlook. As for the Inspectorate, it did not shine with its labor deeds at all. It had become a suspicious body. Although we try to do a good thing we do quite the opposite.” Narine Dilbaryan claims that the RA Constitution is violated.

According to Karine Khodikyan the Inspection should not be closed, but must be granted with authorizations:

“In my own country, Armenian should not be written in small, barely noticeable letters under one meter English letters on the shop windows. It will be the real civic attitude of prime minister. Let them don’t think that they can digest this. The intelligentsia, writers, people, who know that one of the country’s defense and security tools is the language, will not sit idly. Whatever we say it sounds like animal blah in the Parliament, as it is. If they already dissolve the Language Inspectorate, let them sit and say straight what the language and the school mean for them being the basis for our country’s security “.


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