‘You won’t digest this’, Zaruhi Postanjyan and her daughter showed their bodily injury

‘You won’t digest this’, Zaruhi Postanjyan and her daughter showed their bodily injury

As we have informed that the situation, in the campaign office of Taron Margaryan, located in Avan, Acharyan street, was tense. Zaruhi Postanjyan had received an alarm that vote-buying was going on there and the lists were stored on the shelf. When Postanjyan tried to take out the documents from the shelf, she and her daughter were assaulted.

At our presence the RPA member of the campaign office claimed that it was Postanjyan who had assaulted her, done violent actions and ripped her jacket. Why they didn’t let her take out the documents, if there was no secret, the RPA member said that it is a question of principles, “You have no right to enter and call my friends from the RPA thieves, robbers. Taron Margaryan is my friend. She calls Taron Margaryan and me thieves, scoundrels and the stuff. Does she have the right? ”

He was trying to take the RPA Regional Manager Javadian Postanjyan and the members of   “Yerkir Tsirani” out from the campaign office saying, “Release us from your unpleasant presence; now you are preventing the RPA work in the elections.”

Zaruhi Postanjyan’s daughter was told that instead of thinking about marriage, having children, she came to the campaign office.

According, Zaruhi Postanjyan was fitting up, “Then they will say that we raped them. Several times they stood on my feet. Cannot we settle this in another way? You haven’t come here to win the troops of your enemy. Why did you rip my jacket? Who has the right to offend me, call me a thief, a scoundrel and then say I just want to look at the shelf.”

Zaruhi Postanjyan said, “Here there are facts about fraud elections, they aren’t just shelves. We won’t go until they open the shelves.

At that moment the chief of Nor Nork police arrived. He said the incident was reported and asked to leave the area in order not to impede police actions, “Let the police work, there is no need  to do a show.”

The RPA member got nervous, “Who are you, in general?  ”

As we have informed, after the police got the journalists out, they shortly after forcibly evacuated Zaruhi Postanjyan and her daughter.

Right now we are in the campaign office of “Yerkir Tsirani”. Soon Zaruhi Postanjyan and her daughter will give a press conference. They showed us their arms, hands, which were scratched, red.

When Zaruhi Postanjyan saw that her daughter was also forcibly removed and put into a police car, she said to the police, “There are thousands of offices, where you can find these kinds of shelves and fraud. I declare that the elections have been generally rigged, I am subjected to violence. You have stolen the people’s money; 1 million people are hungry. ”

Answering our questions that if they have nothing to hide, why they are hiding those lists and don’t let us see, the RPA Regional Director replied that those lists contain Zaruhi Postanjyan’s relatives names, so he doesn’t want to their rights to be violated.

Postanjyan’s teammates were surprised at the police inaction. They wonder how it is possible to take the mayoral candidate out in that way.

Zaruhi Postanjyan shouted, “You won’t digest this, you’re so weak that you don’t let publish the facts of fraud. The police took away the papers. Those were proofs with names on it, with data about whom they have given how much, who have gone to the polling station and who not. Hooligans! ”

Later we were informed that Lilit was released from the police car and wasn’t taken to the police station. Because of the shocking conditions, the girl has been feeling sick. She has said that her head was hit against a wall at the office, and also before getting into the police car. Right Now Zaruhi Postanjyan is at “Armenia” hospital with her daughter.



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