‘Yelq’ proxy, ‘People coming with color pens, and the RPA proxy knows everyone’

‘Yelq’ proxy, ‘People coming with color pens, and the RPA proxy knows everyone’

In the polling station where Nikol Pashinyan voted, the proxy of the same bloc Vahe Ayrumyan has noticed that some citizens are coming to vote with their “own pens”.

“Many people are coming to vote with pens. Why do I believe that the pens are not blue but color? As a woman, not putting the ballot-paper in the envelope came out from the ballot-paper voted with a red pen in the favor of the RPA. Others had black and red pens”, said Ayrumyan to Aravot.am.

“When I ask them why they bring pens with them, they say that they do not trust the pens of the polling station,” he added.

Vahe noticed a factor which, according to him, is directed to the voting results, “We are talking about the RPA proxy. It is 50 years that he lives here; he knows everyone; he says to someone best wishes, another one I’m sorry; there is an impression that everyone knows everyone but me. ”

The RPA proxy refused to talk with Aravot.am. The chairman of the Committee, the representative of “Heritage” party Angela Gyuzalyan noticed that he didn’t have the right to enter the ballot box and see the pen color of the voting citizen.


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