‘Those who forced violence on me and my daughter will be held accountable:’ Postanjyan

‘Those who forced violence on me and my daughter will be held accountable:’ Postanjyan

The president of “Yerkir Tsirani’ party, a candidate for the Yerevan city mayor Zaruhi Postanjyan called for an urgent press conference about the incident connected with the violence at the Taron Margaryan’s pre-electoral office.

Postanjyan announced that considering all of this we should start a national resistance movement to bring down the current government. It will be aimed at bringing together not only the people of the Republic of Armenian but also the people outside of the republic and then create a new resistance front. The national resistance movement, according to her, will start a criminal prosecution against the representatives of the government. She announced that if the authorities don’t want to step back in a liberal way, then they themselves will choose another way and take them to prison cells: “We are not alone, our team is very powerful, and we are all around the world. If they have a list of 1mln people, who are in poverty today, who are vulnerable, then we are even more than that. We are going to liberate those vulnerable grandmothers and grandfathers.”

To the question whether it’s possible for her to give up her City Council mandate, Zaruhi Postanjyan answered that they will call the thieves by their name and hell will be waiting for Taron Margaryan: “We’ll act as the mayor of Yerevan and as the government officials of the republic of Armenia.”

To the prosecution’s response that it was right to take Postanjyan out of another’s property, Zaruhi Postanjyan said, that it was not another’s property, it was an election-theft, it was a fraud and if there wasn’t anything, if they were honest, then they should have showed the papers. Zaruhi Postanjyan said that she is an inviolable person. “Everyone that forced violence on me and my daughter will be held accountable, according to the international legislation too.”



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