Journalists and media rights breakers get more ‘enthusiastic’

Journalists and media rights breakers get more ‘enthusiastic’

During the elections for Yerevan Council threats, insults, as well as cases of violations were recorded directed to the media and journalists. “Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression” collects information about them. Commenting on the events taking place in the polling stations and campaign offices the Committee Chairman Ashot Melikyan said to, “In fact, nothing has changed in the electoral process, including the cases of violence and artificial obstacles against the journalists and their work. Parliamentary elections have just ended, during which we also recorded those kinds of cases. The story is repeated again. I think it is the consequence of the impunity that reigns in Armenia. In fact, neither “Electric Yerevan” criminal case nor Khorenatsi street and Sari tagh incident didn’t get the relevant procedure. The same violence actions took place on the Parliamentary elections day. The society does not see any equivalent response to these actions by the authorities.

I think, that perceiving all these things the people, who break the rights of the journalists and media, do all those things more “enthusiastically”. They don’t let journalists perform their professional duties in full. We are working in special regime; we do collect these types of alerts.”


СМИ обязаны цитировать материалы с гиперссылкой на конкретный материал цитирования. Гиперссылка должна быть размещена в первом абзаце текста.

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