Ruben Mehrabyan: ‘ Like Post-Soviet, the Eurasian and the Russian elections’

Ruben Mehrabyan: ‘ Like Post-Soviet, the Eurasian and the Russian elections’

According to political scientist Ruben Mehrabyan, the City Council elections were the basic end of the ordinal electoral stage in Armenia. That stage will be completely ended next year with Serzh Sargsyan’s presidential term expires.

The politician scientist decided to behave like the prime minister asking questions himself. Whether Armenia will get out of this electoral stage as a winner? Of course no! Whether the government and the state will be able to overcome challenges facing the country? Of course no!

The politician thinks that the elections held by the government were very well organized but they were like the Post-Soviet, the Eurasian and the Russian elections, which have nothing to do with public interest, “The elections gave nothing to the public. It was the public who gave”.

Taking into consideration the low percentage of the participation in the elections, the speaker said that the majority of listed voters stayed at home. According to him, it was due to voter’s low confidence towards the elections.

The politician believes that the opposition could mobilize a wide range of voters, motivate their work during the Council elections. He draws attention to the fact that the two opposition parties participating in the elections were newly created.

The politician notices that Armenia is entering a period of force majeure situations. In his view, Armenia cannot get advantage from its benefits and avoid its losses. “The RPA has taken the responsibility, it is responsible for the whole situation,” said Ruben Mehrabyan.



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