What does ‘anthropocentric’ mean?

What does ‘anthropocentric’ mean?

From time to time the political parties use the word ‘anthropocentric’.

I do not know what they mean by that. They probably mean the person that rules their party with a democratic centralism spirit. I have an idea about ‘anthropocentric’, which might be too far from the scientific meaning of it. Every person is the center of the universe, and the only thing that can restrict and limit him is the law of his country. Outside of that, it is wrong and harmful to force something on them or wrap something around their necks.

I do not watch Indian soap operas, but I do not make fun of those who watch them either. I do not look down on them and think that I am better than them. I will never wear George’s ribbons because those are the emblems of another country, but I am not a hater, I do not cuss those who wear them. If those people like that then why should I put them through psychological terror?

I do not like the RPA; in general the ‘ruling party’ is a quiet gray, boring and a too uncreative thing at the post-Soviet territory. But I cannot ignore the fact that Vigen Sargsyan and Arpine Hovhannisyan are more knowledgeable and during the pre-electoral period they were more prepared than the majority of my opposition interlocutors.  And during the campaigns of the Yerevan City Council, the vice Mayor Vahe Nikoyan was the one aware of the whole material. I cannot paint everyone with black and white colors. But if there are people who tend to have that kind of approach toward life then that is their problem, I am not going to domineer someone’s opinion. Let them take the color they like.

I would not take my child with me if I want to start a fight at the pre-electoral office of my political opponent, but every parent decides himself to what events take his child. I consider those ironic posts ugly, the ones where the users are laughing at the child getting a concussion. It is clear that no one wanted to hurt her, but still, I think it is right to feel the pain of every child and every person as if it is yours. But there is not any pressure here either. If a person is able to only feel his pain, it should also be accepted as an existing reality.

Live however you want (within the law, of course). Do not live the way others want you to, even if they are your relatives. Let the others live they way they want. It is a very simple formula, and most importantly an anthropocentric one.



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