‘Yelq’ to apply to Prosecutor’s Office

‘Yelq’ to apply to Prosecutor’s Office

In No. 7 constituency commission continues to recount the results of the polling station 7/51, on the application of “Yelq” bloc.

As we have informed, the number of the spoiled votes was too  high; 566 voters participated in the election and 148 ballot-papers were invalid.”Yelq” and “Yerkir Tsirani” received a small number of votes respectively 19 and 12 votes. This also seemed questionable to the “Yelq”.

The recount revealed that the majority of invalid ballots-papers were blank when they examined more closely “Yelq” authorized representatives Vahagn Hovakimyan and David Khazhakyan discovered that, actually, they had been marked; the V- shaped footprint mark was visible. They concluded that volatile ink pens had been used it that polling station.

During the examination so-called “blank” ballot-papers were founded on which were signs for the RPA side. That is, not only “Yelq” and “Yerkir Tsirani” but also the RPA lost.

Aravot.am asked Vahagn Hovakimyan how happened that people also vote for the RPA with those volatile Ink pens. Vahagn Hovakimyan explained that the party directed its voters at certain hours,” When they had not been provided to bring people at the time they changed the pens; so there might also be Republican voters. For them, the important thing was to give those pens to their people. They didn’t care about willingly voted people as they knew that the majority of them were our voters”.

Vahagn Hovakimyan said that the Commission had provided only the half of invalid ballot papers.They said to him, that it was already closed, that was it. The Commission gave 3 minutes to the “Yelq” to examine the ballot-papers. As a result, they didn’t manage to count and determine, in general, how many blank ballot papers there were.

Vahagn Hovakimyan assured that they were going to apply the Prosecutor’s Office to declare invalid the results of that polling station, ”We will say them to find out who put and put back that pen. Otherwise, all ballot papers would be empty. Obviously, somebody put and then put it back.”

When we asked this same mechanism also applied in other polling stations, Vahagn Hovakimyan answered, ”No, this was someone’s talent. In the other polling stations, the invalid ballot papers weren’t this many. One of our proxies was a proxy in this polling station who said that he had a large number of blank ballot papers with him”.



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