‘Yelq’ proxy wrote announcement – there were not any violations of law: ‘Yelq’ thinks she was pressured

‘Yelq’ proxy wrote announcement – there were not any violations of law: ‘Yelq’ thinks she was pressured

During the recounting of the results of 7/53, the proxy of ‘Yelq’ Vahagn Hovakimyan announced that the assistant of the president of electoral-territorial commission Grigoryan unconsciously accused him of presenting a fake application of recounting.

“He called the CEC president Tigran Mukuchyan and announced that he had talked to the proxy of ‘Yelq’ at that polling station Meline Sardaryan, and the latter had said that she had not presented an application. If Meline says that she has not filled in an application then it turns out that I faked it, and committed a crime. I have to understand why Mr. Grigoryan accused me.

Meline Sardaryan was also taking part in the session. She clarified that she meant that she had not formed the application, she just signed it. She confirmed that she did tell Grigoryan that she had not written an application, therefore there is not any accusation.

It is interesting that Grigoryan as a proof had taken a written announcement from Meline Sardaryan, where she had written and signed that the election passed without any electoral violations, she doesn’t have any complaints and so on.

Vahagn Hovakimyan, on hearing the written announcement of the proxy, got angry: “He pressured the proxy because he does not have the right to take an announcement from her. Is he from the prosecutor’s office or the police? You are out of your authorization now. Show me a point in the ‘Electoral Code’ about taking a written announcement. You are a body formed according to the constitution, but now you are acting illegally, trying to drag it till the end. You are committing a crime now.”  

Vahagn Hovakimyan took Meline out to clarify things. We asked Meline Sardaryan whether she was pressured by the commission to write the announcement, and she answered: “Of course not.” We also tried to know when she wrote it and Meline Sardaryan said that she had written it before coming to the session: “Just so now he can have my word written down”. We got confused asking her then why did not she inform about it to her party, she answered: “I did not have time. I wrote it just before coming here.”

When we reminded Meline that she had been in the electoral-territorial commission for a while and that even during the break she was talking to the Vahagn Hovakimyan, how she could not have enough time, she said: “I forgot”.

When leaving the session Vahagn Hovakimyan was so angry that he started to accuse Meline Sardaryan in the hallway: “You did not do a good thing. Why did you write that announcement? For who and why?”  


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