‘Eurovision’ –  song test, not serious competition

‘Eurovision’ –  song test, not serious competition

The representative of Portugal Salvador Sobral won in the ‘Eurovison 2017’ international song contest. Bulgaria came the second followed by Moldova.  Artsvik, presenting Armenia, took only 18th place.  

The Eurovision fire burnt brighter after that because Armenia has never had such a result. The media and social pages are still discussing it: some think that Armenia has to finally give up spending the money of taxpayers on ‘Eurovision’, just like many countries have done it. And some think that ‘Eurovision’ is also a platform to present our country.

By the way, singer and songwriter Ruben Hakhverdyan has described ‘Eurovision; as a dumb place to spend the money.

When talking to Aravot, a professor of Yerevan State Conservatory, composer Narine Zarifyan said that the ‘Eurovison’ contests lost their meaning long ago. According to her: “Before they were presenting songs that had a real beautiful and catchy melody and of course beautiful lyrics that suited the music. Lately, there is not such a harmony between the music and its lyrics.”

The composer added that the enormous amount of money that was spent on the trip preparations of the Armenian representative at ‘Eurovision’ can be used more efficiently and on other projects.

‘It’s not such a big deal to be taken that seriously. It’s just a test of songs, which in different countries takes place in different levels. So the money spent on that one song can be directed to other projects,”- stressed our interlocutor.  

The winner song was also discussed. ‘The song presented by the Portuguese young man was very beautiful and immediately captivated with its melody. It also had a right structure. The instrumentation, which was mostly done by acoustic instruments, was beautiful too.  The work belonged to the musical genre. I do not know why they always say that the presented songs should be rhythmic and full of modern technology. But we did not hear that in the Portuguese song. The song was proceeding accompanied by acoustic instruments and it was not like the singer was doing his part, and the orchestra was just accompanying him. Everything was in harmony- the orchestra, the singer, the song… That is why it captivated people’s hearts.

In general, I support a song that is melodic, but during the past years, it has disappeared for some reason. The music industry was full of Arabic melodies, and now the Asian ones, which we heard in the song of the Armenian participate. It is true that it was full of modern technology, but the instrumentations should not have been purposeless. Actually, it should have been the effect of the song on people’s souls. And if the stress is pointlessly put on the modern technology, then the quality of the song gets lost. For the upcoming years, I would like for the Armenian participates in singing a song that is more melodic,”-said Narine Zarifyan.

Gohar Hakobyan


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