Gagik Tsarukyan: ‘But when I was not active’

Gagik Tsarukyan: ‘But when I was not active’

“If we are not in the corresponding coalition, so…”, said the ”Tsarukyan” alliance leader  Gagik Tsarukyan, when he answer to a journalists’ question whether the alliance was going to declare itself as an opposite in the Parliament. Gagik Tsarukyan had also come to the 6th launch of the Parliament.

The journalists asked him about the future of the people, who had been elected from the ”Tsarukyan” alliance as deputies, but later they announced withdrew. Gagik Tsarukyan said, ”Everything is going to be fine in the end. Very fine, don’t worry.

We are going to discuss it in the alliance, they are all our partners, they have worked, get experience. Within the interview I have already answered to all the questions.”

Remind, that he, in particular, said, ”It was very important for me to know what was going on, who was who, what he wanted. There is a political process, which should be grown in order to understand who are interested in it, which today Tsarukyan knows.”

Tsarukyan noted that he himself said 6 men to take their applications off, he talked with the other 6 men after the session of the CEC, “I do not want to lose none of you; each of you is greatness, value, you have left your own handwriting. Today the reality has so changed that people are doing everything to make you get lost in order to increase their role. This is a lesson for us is that we can understand that we must respect, appreciate, stand next to each other. The new charter has been drawn up for alliance; look through it, you all have equal rights to speak, to discuss and we must listen to and consider the views, opinions, no matter who said it. The implementation of our any project is in our unity. ”

Gagik Tsarukyan assures that the passions have calmed down in the alliance. He also asked whether he was going to be an active deputy, “But when I was not active,” followed the response.

Nelly Grigoryan

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