Yelq’s action Armen Ashotyan described as ‘children’s disease’

Yelq’s action Armen Ashotyan described as ‘children’s disease’

In Parliament, speaking with journalists about the action that “Yelq” bloc took, deputy of The RPA Armen Ashotyan said,” “Of course, What they did I consider it to be “children’s disease” in Armenia’s political field. I am sure that in the future our colleagues will take no or less such political actions. Let’s remind that the “Yelq” has boycotted the speeches of the president and the Catholicos.

Armen Ashotyan was asked whether we had qualitatively better Parliament and he was reminded that the that the government had promised a better Parliament, ”Today to give an assessment to the Parliament work is a deposit although the composition is promising, including the opposition, I do not want to ignore the factor of the opposition while giving positive assessments ”, he said.

And the role and quality of the Parliament the Constitution has defined, ”This means that today’s Parliamentary convocation has a great mission. I do not want to belittle the work of pervious Parliament. Today Parliament is given a historic chance, about which The President also spoke. Everyone’s role is much greater than maybe interesting, but empty rhetoric, maybe memorable title, but empty content. In this work the nerve should not be dominate but create idea, give options for solutions to our society.”

Nelly Grigoryan

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