Government intending to use leisure areas and factories

Government intending to use leisure areas and factories

After the governmental session during the briefing with the journalists, the temporary acting Minister of Finance Vardan Aramyan talked about his reappointment.

To the question why and for which activity of his he must be reappointed, Aramyan answered: “Do you want me to give an assessment to my own work?” asked Aramyan about today’s assignment of the temporary acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan: Karapetyan has assigned to count, as he said, those leisure state properties, from which they can get additional value. Karapetyan assured that in case of using this type of property, businessmen will be released from the burden of the extra tax.

Mr. Aramyan presented some details about that: “We are potentially talking about a kind of property that can contribute to our economic growth. For instance, a land which has agricultural significance but is leisure, or an industrial territory.”

To our question, whether they are profitable, Mr. Aramyan answered: “The government cannot make a decision instead of the business, but it can make such rules for the game, that can help the property to be used.”

Nelly Babayan


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