Azerbaijan bombing its own frontlines

Azerbaijan bombing its own frontlines

The Azerbaijani armed forces, deliberately escalating the situation at the contact line of Karabakh-Azerbaijan opposing forces and applying various provocations, have passed to an action that does not make any sense.

The observing systems installed at the Defense Forces’ frontline have registered that around 12 AM and 1 PM at the contact line of Seysulan-Yarijma, the enemy started fire toward its own frontlines from 60mm mortars, and as a result, explosions took place in that area. Either the staff of the enemy’s army is not aware of their professional responsibilities, or the Azerbaijani military-political leaders are preparing a ground for their further provocations.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic Of Artsakh informs that during the day the Armenian side has stayed faithful to the ceasefire agreement and hasn’t made any action.

СМИ обязаны цитировать материалы с гиперссылкой на конкретный материал цитирования. Гиперссылка должна быть размещена в первом абзаце текста.

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