‘I have a certain decision – I will come back to Armenia for sure’

‘I have a certain decision – I will come back to Armenia for sure’

The young man having made a success in Europe wants to sustain in his fatherland as a manager.

Gevorg Baghdasaryan pursues his MA in Marketing and Sales at iaelyon (IAE), Jean Moulin University. He notes that education is first and foremost a matter of will and then opportunity. “At the same time, I should note that if not the support of my parents, I hardly would be able to accomplish all my plans and receive the education I have today. But I stress that it is a matter of will in the first place, even if one has limitless financial resources but does not have the knowledge, wish, an inner motivation, s/he will never be able to comply with the standards of the foreign higher education institutions. Even if one becomes a student, hardly s/he will make a history of success”, states Gevorg Baghdasaryan.

Gevorg finds that studying abroad is more difficult to the Armenian students than, for example, Europeans. “I manage my residency and education in Europe by my parent’s means, moreover, we should take into consideration the salary of my parents in Armenian standards, which is not comparable with the salary of the Europeans. Simultaneously, the university education is not pricey itself. The fee of the university is not high, you do not pay for education. For example, if I pay annually, the very half of that payment constitutes my insurance, the other 50% comprises the fee of the library, sports fee, etc. Therefore, the education system does not depend on the fee of the student, at some point we can say that the education in Europe is affordable for even Armenia’s residents, as compared with the US and the Great Britain. There it costs 20 k. GBP or 40 k. USD, while in a set of European countries, such as France and Germany, the state takes those responsibilities on itself. This makes our job easier”, represents Gevorg.

We asked Gevorg Baghdasaryan whether he had plans concerning Armenia or he has decided not to return. “I have made a certain decision – I will return for sure, I have decided to undergo my professional practice in Armenia right now, not to distract from Armenia.  All my objectives, ambitions, plans are related with Armenia. I study at administration school and Armenia is firstly an objective in a professional sense for me, not an issue. I am a good administrator and I have received a good education, consequently, I should be able to sustain and solve the issues of my country”, he replied.    

We found out that Gevorg has been granted the first prize of the “Young Ambassadors Contest” project of Auvergne-Rhône-Alps region, in Spring, in Grenoble. The young student has developed “The Mont-Blanc Corner” project which aims at vivifying Tsakhkadzor skiing station. As stated by him, “Young Ambassadors Contest” is directed to the foreign students, 14.000 students come to study in Lyon from abroad each year, and the aim is to include the foreign students, moreover, 100 best ones are chosen from different countries. Let us add that Gevorg Baghdasaryan has graduated from French University in Armenia.


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