Police qualifies information on violence against ‘Sasna Tsrer’ as a slander

Police qualifies information on violence against ‘Sasna Tsrer’ as a slander

According to some media reports, police used violence against the members of the “Sassoun Tsrer” group in the building of the court of general jurisdiction of first instance of Avan and Nor Nork communities on 26.06.2017. According to some reports, several members had received some health damage.

We officially state that the information spread is a slander. In fact, some members of the group have been removed from the courtroom for violating public order and disobeying the legitimate demands of police officers. After being taken out, they showed active disobedience to the police officers, insulting them personally. In order to prevent disobedience, moderate physical force was used against the same defendants. Responding to the force used, some of the defendants expressed their dissatisfaction by hitting on the doors of the cells with their hands and feet. As a result of their own blows or the force used by the police, there can be scratches. The legality of the police officers’ actions was confirmed by the preliminary inspection.

The dissemination of disinformation pursues the purpose of causing artificial tension during the court sessions, provocation of violence against police officers and judicial bailiffs and the failure of the administration of justice. This reality fully fits in the logic of short-sighted style of action chosen by the members of the “Sasna Tsrer” group.

The RA Police properly assesses the seriousness of the process, and it is able to completely prevent any aggravation of the situation, disobeying any provocation. Citizens’ rights and public safety will be fully secured by taking abrupt and proportionate action in line with the law.

We urge: for the sake of justice and the general welfare of our society display vigilance, present the facts in a restrained, balanced manner throughout the trial.

The RA Police


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