Ara Papian on ORO’s miscalculations

Ara Papian on ORO’s miscalculations

Head of the “Modus Vivendi” Center Ara Papyan believes that the situation in the inner political life of Armenia has changed dramatically.Today, the authorities are pursuing a rather tough policy, and they are much stronger in controlling and applying new methods by which they can buy votes and falsify something. No matter how much we say that parliamentary elections are the only important thing now, because parliament deputies will form the power, people still do not have that perception. People perceive parliamentary elections as parliamentary elections, this was a rather cunning step by the authorities, so they were able to win”, this is Ara Papian’s opinion.

Touching upon the “Heritage” party leader Raffi Hovannisian’s statement that the ORO alliance was not to his liking, Papyan continued, “The mistake of the total calculation was that when drafting the alliance, they thought that Raffi Hovannisian had a certain electorate. Once he had gained 37-38 percent of votes, they thought that Oskanian’s and Ohanyan’s supporters would add up on that, and there would be a substantial electorate, but there were some miscalculations, because we should not forget that Raffi Hovhannisyan had gained so much votes over time because he was the only convenient presidential candidate, and the votes were given not in favour of him, but against the authorities”.

Let us remind, that during an interview Raffi Hovannisian had told, that “ORO was not to my liking, but I was a minority at the “Heritage” party, that is why I took the responsibility without unnecessary emotions… some things were not to my liking, but I’m proud that I shared a common path with General Ohanyan and Oskanian”.


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