Daniel Ioannisyan prepared headache to the authorities

Daniel Ioannisyan prepared headache to the authorities

“When I am told that I am forgiven, it seems to me as if I have made a crime and I am forgiven. The one is forgiven who has done a bad thing, in all honesty, I do not consider that I have done something bad, I did not completely understand why I was the respondent in this case from the legal perspective”: told Daniel Ioannisyan referring to the announcement made by the headmaster of school N. 56 Susanna Galstyan, implying that she forgives him and takes the court suit back.

As stated by him, if he was a headmaster recorded whilst “speaking honestly”, he would neither apply to court ever or would take the court suit back. Asked whether he has grounds to think that Susanna Galstyan has an adviser by whose advice she has taken the suit back and whether the other headmasters will follow her example and take the suits back, Ioannisyan replied: “I cannot say, I do not know whether this will be a unique case or the cases will be many. However, in any case, if the headmasters abandon the suits, the authorities will be released of a rather serious headache which we were preparing for them.”




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