Will RPA and ‘Tsarukyan’ alliance form a coalition?

Will RPA and ‘Tsarukyan’ alliance form a coalition?

“There is no discussion on 2018 future coalition, in government, in the RPA. Not once has been said about it. The RPA currently implements the provisions of President Sargsyan’s program speech for May 18, on which the government is based”, NA Vice President, RPA Spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov told the journalists at the parliament, responding to the question of Aravot.am, that there are rumours that the RPA will have a coalition with “Tsarukyan” alliance in 2018, and the alliance deputies do not exclude possible coalition.

To another question, whether the start of the war against injustice, about which Serzh Sargsyan declared at the parliament, on May 18, is given, and whether the methods of struggle are known, the NA vice president said, “You will be able to cover and see”. In response to the remark, that the sowers of injustice are supposedly the authorities, Eduard Sharmazanov said, “Injustice has no name. It is a phenomenon against which everyone must fight regardless of party affiliation and official position. Each of us should begin with ourselves”.

Eduard Sharmazanov also touched upon the head of “Yelq” faction Nikol Pashinyan’s remark, expressed in the hall, related to the 2016 budget performance vote, that if the “Tsarukyan” alliance was not included, the Republican Party would not be able to conduct the budget performance.

Eduard Sharmazanov noticed that 53 votes were needed for the voting, and the RPA had 54 votes.

On assisting the RPA in the 2016 budget performance vote, Vahe Enfiajyan, secretary of the “Tsarukyan” faction said, that the RPA had the required 53 votes, and even more.


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