Demonstrators burnt Armenian officials’ photos in Strasbourg

Demonstrators burnt Armenian officials’ photos in Strasbourg

Members of the “Armenian Renaissance” Diaspora organization organized a demonstration in Strasbourg, France, yesterday, in support of members of the “Sasna Tsrer” armed group, which captured the patrolling regiment a year ago. Members of different Armenian organizations of France, Belgium, Germany, Spain took part in the action. The action participants supported the release of the political prisoners and opposed the human rights violations in Armenia.

Shant Voskerchyan, one of the organizers of the action, told that the protesters had met with Anatoly Yegoshkin. According to Voskerchyan, he is an official in the CoE. According to our interlocutor within 45 minutes of the meeting with the CoE official they presented the situation in Armenia from their point of view, and some details related to the trial of “Sasna Tsrer”. The official has promised to convey everything to the CoE Secretary in the form of a letter from the protesters.

The letter was also read out to the demonstrators.

The demonstrators also burned photos of the Armenian President, Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police Levon Yeranosyan, judges on the case of “Sasna Tsrer” and the policemen who had beaten the four members of the group.


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