Armenian wunderkind on the Yerevan stage

Armenian wunderkind on the Yerevan stage

He is famous not only in his homeland Malta, but also worldwide. The phenomenal teenager playing the piano with the seriousness of mature musician has performed at the best concert halls worldwide and captured even the most demanding audience.

Despite the young age the pianist Dmitry Ishkanov, an Armenian wunderkind of the classical music world, has already passed a serious and victorious path.

Ishkhanov was born in 2005. Dmitry started to show an interest in music, in singing and in playing the piano at the age of 4. He was a prizewinner in numerous prestigious competitions such as International Competition of Young Music Talents “Rovere D’Oro” (2nd prize), XXII Young Pianists International Competition “Citta di Barletta” (1st prize), International Piano Competition “Golden Key” (1st prize), XXV Young Musicians International Competition “Flame” (absolute 1st prize) etc.  He also participated in various festivals. In 2016 Dmitry represented Malta at the Eurovision of Young Musicians and became the youngest finalist in the Eurovision history.

Dmitry performed in France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Armenia, Russia, USA and other countries with concerts, gaining standing ovations.

Numerous orchestras such as the WDR Orchestra, symphonic orchestra “Duchi d’Acquaviva”, as well as the Armenian National Philharmonic and Youth Orchestras are glad to cooperate with the soloist.

According to critics, the professional pianist masterly performs fairly serious and large-scale pieces, presenting his own interpretations, playing confidently and fluently. Many musicians can envy such a talent and technique! One will immediately forget that the performer is just a 12-year-old teenager, as this talented youngster touches the piano keys.

Recently the young virtuoso performed in Yerevan with the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, headed by the conductor Sergey Smbatyan.

The young artist performed the Piano Concerto No. 3 (subtitled Youth) by famous Russian composer Dmitri Kabalevsky. The unique piece gives the young artist an opportunity to demonstrate his whole power and immense potential during just one performance.

The Concerto was performed with characteristic maturity: it was obvious that the pianist enjoyed every single note of the piece. The Thunder of applause and an additional performance due to an audience’s demand – the concert was a great success!…

He completely transforms when being on stage. Each note of the young artist has a unique sense of sensuality. And this sensuality makes his every performance unforgettable!





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