‘Russia is to be glad it has an ally like Armenia, which does not sell weapons to its adversaries’: Alen Simonyan to Modest Korelov

‘Russia is to be glad it has an ally like Armenia, which does not sell weapons to its adversaries’: Alen Simonyan to Modest Korelov

“Honestly speaking, I do not feel and have not felt any joy from cooperation with Russia not solely from the perspective of the Eurasian Economic Union, but overall throughout recent years”, responding to the review by Russian analyst Modest Korelov implying: “Yelq should be glad that such issue exists. This issue can be solved through being an EAEU member, you cannot struggle for the solution of the problem, but leave the EAEU”, answered “Yelq” bloc member Alen Simonyan.

Let us remind you that Modest Korelov, referring to “Yelq” bloc members’ announcements on leaving the EAEU, had remembered that “Yelq” had made a request on the question of the adoption of a ban on the Armenian drivers working in the Russian Federation by Armenian driving licenses. The Russian analyst had mentioned afterwards: “You cannot make a suggestion on leaving the EAEU and simultaneously make a request on solving the issue.”

As a response, Alen Simonyan explained that it has not been an announcement on leaving the EAEU, but the announcement of the two of the vivid representatives of “Yelq”. As regards being glad, Mr. Simonyan added: “The attitude of that superpower, pathos, and ambitions have always disturbed the relations of our countries. And the expression that you cited, is the vivid example of it. It is similar to a slight blackmail. Why should even the 3rd political power of the Republic of Armenia be glad about some things? Russia is the one to be glad that in the occupation in which it is, it has a small but loyal ally as Armenia, which supports Russia in various International arenas, does not sell weapons and show a military assistance to the enemies of the Russian Federation.”

Mr. Simonyan finds it unacceptable that the Russian colleagues speak with “ifs” and bargaining. He thinks that Armenian-Russian relations have a need of a serious review and that problem lies not solely within the question of driving licences but the alteration of the overall cooperation level: “If we have a discussion of such bargain, does the same analyst not think that selling weapons to Azerbaijan by Russia is a bigger motive and a bigger occasion for such announcements and attitude? That is – the role and factor of Armenia in this debate as a partner is very little. This conversation and EAEU issues stem from the super pleasure and the demands of the superpower. In reality, they look for the issue and its solution in a wrong place.”

To our question implying whether the approach holding that if Armenia is not the EAEU member, then this kind of issues will be more difficult to solve, inasmuch as now we have EAEU representative – Tigran Sargsyan, to whom they can apply, Alen Simonyan responded – in that case we will appear in a different political situation. He announced that today we have a problem and it is to be solved and not with permanent concessions by the RA and convenient option for the superpower.

Asked when “Yelq” will have a common approach towards leaving the EAEU, Mr. Simonyan answered that no such issue is in place, they have a problem of simply an announcement, which they will decide pursuant to political expediency and to the moods present in the upcoming parliamentary session.




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