Our yoga power to take us to Baku

Our yoga power to take us to Baku

“We won the war against Azerbaijan inasmuch as we are like yogis. Yogis are not different from common people, it is the same DNA, blood, skin, but they have such a powerful inner energy, they can control themselves, do things that common people cannot. Armenian nation, in this position, in this geopolitical situation should have this kind of energy”, told the Press Secretary of the President of the Republic of Artsakh, Davit Babayan.

According to him, if we get disappointed, we will lose: “This is why our adversary continually tries to make us get disappointed by different mechanisms – both by scaring us and leaving us hopeless and inner splits, forasmuch as it understands – we have been living here for 10.000 years, have fought against manifold enemies, nations and empires that have completely disappeared, now they are not in place, but we have remained and all that is due to our yoga power. If we have a look at our map and position, no one can survive in our situation, but we do, inasmuch as we have a kind of unceasing and ununderstandable power and that power will take us to Baku when necessary.”




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