4 people from Azerbaijan given refugee status in Armenia

4 people from Azerbaijan given refugee status in Armenia

Pursuant to the demographic situation indicators of the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia relative to January-June, 2017, 55 persons have applied for an asylum in Armenia, 4 of which from Azerbaijan.

According to the NSS, 25 of 55 persons have been Syria citizens, 9 from Ukraine, 7 from Cuba, 6 from Iran and 3 from other countries, as NSS notes. 1 person has not had a citizenship.

National Statistical Service mentions that our country has given 4 Azerbaijani citizens a refugee status during this period.

Overall, 46 people have been given a refugee status, 33 of which from Syria, 3 from Iraq, 2 from Iran and 1 from Yemen.

2 from 4 people given a refugee status have been 0-17-years-old and 2 35-64-years-old, according to the National Statistical Service.



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