՛It seemed Iraqi Kurds should jointly fight for independence, but it is not so՛: expert

՛It seemed Iraqi Kurds should jointly fight for independence, but it is not so՛: expert

The campaign of independence referendum planned for September 25 of Iraqi Kurdistan is launched. As stated by Turkologist, expert on Turkish-Kurdish conflict Karen Hovhannisyan, it is going to be stormy. “As a contrast to the leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan,   “Gorani” and “Qomel” opposition parties have decided that they should take part in the campaigns with the aim of “No” propaganda. It seemed that the Kurdish people should jointly fight for the independence, but it is not so. The mentioned parties explain that it is not time for the ndependence referendum, and they have disagreements with the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan actually”, noted Karen Hovhannisyan.

He mentioned that Europe, the US and Russia have not responded to the independence referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan, although 20 diplomatic representations are in place within the latter’s territory, the representations of European countries encompassed: “Iraqi authorities are not against the referendum, they simply think it is not the proper time. All bases for statehood are present for Iraqi Kurdistan to acquire independence. Merely a struggle for the influence fields’ distribution among the sheikhs is happening. They have come out to be against their state-to-be, to spread the further power on Kurdistan.”

Parallel to the referendum, as stated by the speaker, activation of Syrian Kurds is noticed as well: “An announcement was made, they urged Turkey to stay away from implementing military operations nearby Afin city which is the “capital” of Syrian Kurds. The Vice President of Turkey, Binali Yildirim invited an extraordinary meeting on August 9 and decided to close the only passing point nearby Syrian border  and make it  one-sided. The reason is that the representatives of Kurdish Islamic community pass through it and try to implement military operations in Turkey. Of course, the reason is the activeness of Syrian Kurds.”

Karen Hovhannisyan also mentioned that the Republic of Armenia has economic ties with Iraqi Kurdistan: “At the moment Iraqi Kurdistan is not a damage or a benefit to the Republic of Armenia.”




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