‘Nothing excluded’: Yelq might propose leaving EAEU in fall

‘Nothing excluded’: Yelq might propose leaving EAEU in fall

In the interview with Aravot.am, Mane Tandilyan, a member of Yelq faction, assured, that the process has not been suspended after members of the bloc have announced about withdrawal from the EAEU, it has just slowed down due to the political season.

The MP explained: “In the pre-election program, the Yelq bloc clearly assessed the membership to the EAEU as a political mistake, and it was quite natural that time would come to correct that mistake. As we later announced, the discussion of this issue will be our priority in September. The announcements will be followed by discussions within the bloc, the results of which will be discussed in detail after they appear. No process has been suspended, just has slowed down due to the political season”.

In response to the question, whether Yelq might propose leaving the EAEU in fall, Mane Tandilyan said, “Naturally, we consider that possibility, and as I mentioned, we will decide on more concrete steps at the upcoming sessions of the faction”.

The member of the Yelq faction, responding to the clarification, whether it is not excluded that Yelq proposes to leave the EAEU in fall not just by a statement of this or that representative, but with the whole faction, the whole bloc, said, “Nothing is excluded, depending on the final decision of the faction”.


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