‘Gor was not a monster, he was intentionally made one’

‘Gor was not a monster, he was intentionally made one’

“Aravot” publishes the article of one of the family friends of Gor Hakobyan.

Gor Hakobyan had come to Armenia by his will, he had a lot of options for staying in the US, he could go to any other country as well, but he had decided to start a new life and live in the country where he was born and raised. He had rented a small apartment and was living there, he was happy he had returned to Armenia: he had plans to continue his education in American University of Armenia, forasmuch as, even it is a surprise to you, Gor had graduated from school with excellency in the US, he had credits from courses enough, knew 3 languages, was exceptionally good at mathematics, but…

Yes, until returning to Armenia he had been judged, he had made mistakes during his teenage years, because of which he had appeared in jail… but not for stealing, not for drugs and moreover, not for murder, as writes the yellow press: in the US one can be imprisoned for a simple shot and sentenced to death, and what remains to murder, moreover of a 5 person… This is not simply a gossip, but a complete nonsense… It is awful that he, surviving in American prisons, was murdered by an Armenian (there are documents whereby the reasons of Gor’s sentence are mentioned and every self-respecting media should have found out everything before publishing, what “Armenian power”? Do you know what that means..?).

It will be necessary to speak about all the details of the case after a more comprehensive investigation, although I am concerned for whether the investigation will go in the right direction. I am hopeful, the investigation will reveal why Gor demanded a lawyer and what names of 5 people he had given that is not being publicized yet. It is not excluded that they were the witnesses of the case. Despite Gor’s inadequate condition, it could be understood from his twisted words that he had something to say, anyway…

I have known him since childhood and both me and the many people knowing him can witness that the monster-like boy was  not the smart, versed Gor, speaking to whom one would simply enjoy… it was beneficial to someone to make him a monster, to persuade the public that “he was a drug addict and we killed him”.

Where had that girl appeared in his life from? With what expectation? To whose command? And for what evil aims? Watching the video records of the terrifying case, anyone, moreover a psychologist, could clearly see that the boy was under the influence of heavy drugs, was not adequate and “neutralizing” him initially meant killing him for the information from the revelation of which the ones giving the command were afraid of was not discovered… It is not a secret that not a sole trade of drugs is conducted without the sponsorship of someone or a group… I think that was the reason that our “law” closed his mouth by killing him, defaming a family having a good reputation and taking away the life of a young man who had appeared in a trap.

Who was that girl who had been judged for being a drug addict…? As to my conviction, she had entered Gor’s life with a certain plan and Gor, knowing that, wanted to revenge. Weeks before the incident Gor had hinted his relatives for several times that he was going to be killed, inasmuch as he knew some information. What had made Gor think so? Why did that larky, humour-loving boy become a monster, what kind of drugs were sold to him under the name of sleeping pills? Time will show.

When “Sasna Tsrer” were being neutralized, who had already killed a man, were making an attempt of revolution, towards them the police had a milder attitude than this young man, who was lost and needed help. And then, if he, as stated by the police, was threatening to the life of that doubtful girl, would make that heavy crime and kill her, they would have given him the maximum – a life sentence, a trial would take place and he would have an opportunity to be defended. And now… he was sentenced to death without making a crime and without a trial. It appears that if he was a murderer, he would not be killed.

I do not intend to compare the deeds of “Sasna Tsrer” and Gor at all, I compare the attitude of the state towards them and come to the same conclusion that it was a planned murder, otherwise he could have been “neutralized” so that he was not killed. Let him stand before the court and be punished for his deeds.

P.s. I am hopeful nothing will happen to that girl “by accident”, maybe she knows a lot of things and is an unwanted witness, who knows..?  


Lena Hovhannisyan                          


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