‘Rumours on Armenian to be official language of Kurdistan’, Safrastyan

‘Rumours on Armenian to be official language of Kurdistan’, Safrastyan

“I am not sure that the referendum will be followed by real action. There are signs that the leadership of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan aims to use the referendum for its political purposes, rather than immediately start the process of independence”, referring to the upcoming Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum on September 25, said Turkologist, Orientalist Ruben Safrastyan.

“Their primary task is to get the international community and superpowers to accept the existence of an independent Kurdistan. Many countries have said they are against the independence of Kurdistan”, he added.

According to the expert, the referendum on independence will solve the problem of restoration of historical justice: Kurds should have independent statehood. “I think this is not a direct threat to Armenians living in Armenia and Kurdistan. There are rumors that Armenian will be one of the official languages of Kurdistan”, noted Safrastyan.


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