Deputy Minister comments on Tumanyan museum exhibition ban

Deputy Minister comments on Tumanyan museum exhibition ban

In an interview with, Narine Tukhikyan, director of Tumanyan’s house-museum, referring to the “Eclipse” exhibition dedicated to the victims of Soviet dictatorship opened in their museum, said that it was closed because of defamation. asked Arev Samuelyan, Deputy Minister of Culture of Armenia, after all, why the exhibition was closed, what the reason for the ban was. “The exhibition lasted for more than 20 days, before that, despite the fact that there was no agreement in the treaty, but given the fact that it was the tragedy of Tumanyan’s heirs and the 80th anniversary of 1937, the Ministry allowed to organize it. It was open for 22 days. After careful review, we considered more appropriate to make certain adjustments”, said Mrs. Samuelyan.

According to Arev Samuelyan, “Of course, the topic is actual, we should refer to the history unbiased, but I think it was a little politicized. Now, street renaming processes are underway, and this exhibition was perceived in that context. Maybe it was necessary to prepare the society a bit. The exhibition is traveling one, and after some adjustments it will be possible to present again”.

By the way, Narine Tukhikyan revealed some details on Kentron TV: “As a result of defamation, we had to close the exhibition. Some people have applied to certain structures and, I suppose, for succeeding, they also blackmailed. On August 26, a 60-70-year-old lieutenant colonel called me (he introduced himself so), and spoke with the same lexicon, as the leader of the Communist Party, said: your exhibition “smells” like Dashnak party, you are also a propagandist of homosexuals. He built a case on me on the phone”.

After that the ministry ordered to close the exhibition.


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