Vardan Bostanjyan to ‘fake people grounding’ withdrawal from EAEU

Vardan Bostanjyan to ‘fake people grounding’ withdrawal from EAEU

“Do not condition our successes or failures by being the EAEU member”, by applying to “all fake grounders”, as characterized by him, told the MP from the Prosperous Party of Armenia, Vardan Bostanjyan, referring to “Yelq’s” initiative to leave the EAEU.

As stated by the MP, in the EAEU Armenia has had neither degradation nor a progress. But besides this, he does not encourage Armenia’s leaving the EAEU, inasmuch as it is a market of 180 million to us in the worst case, where our poor quality – products “made via low industrial culture” are being consumed, that, according to Bostanjyan, Europe will not allow inside its territory. He does not understand, which are the grounds that in the EU Armenia will have a sharp progress. Besides, he thinks that we should also take into account the interests of our 3 million fellow Armenians living in EAEU territory.


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