About masochistic moaning

About masochistic moaning

“ATMs are exploded only in Armenia, fires break out only in Armenia, people stab each other only in Armenia”. People listen to the bad news with obvious joy, and make tearful comments: “Holy God, where have we reached?”. Of course, people want to hear and read about accidents and murders in any country, but without far-reaching philosophical generalizations. In Armenia and in countries like us, it’s fashionable – it’s “trendy” to say something negative about own country: besides, it brings applauses, likes, glory for the “fighting type”. (Let me not, that it’s not about criticizing defects, but about masochistic moaning).

It is not that we are the worst country in the world. Let me report to you that the garbage collection in EU member Greece is worse than in Armenia, the Internet connection is slower than in our country (by global ratings we are 54th in the world), catering service is generally worse than in Armenia. Greece is a wonderful country and has many advantages, I just bring an example for those who humiliate our country.

Let me tell the public used to “noir”, that there are thousands of people in Armenia and Artsakh who are not oligarchs, monopolists, have no connection with the upper echelons of the government, but they have succeeded in business, science, culture, sports. But when you present these success stories (such as the tourism business in Yenokavan), it interests to a very limited number of readers. However, it is enough to publish a picture with a bloody knife and a considerable number of thousands of readers and moaning people is provided

… Recently, I took a taxi to get to the city centre. The driver constantly was trying to bypass all the cars, and he cursed the drivers who did not let him pass, and moreover, he turned to me every minute asking “I drive perfectly, don’t I?”. But the following episode is the most related to the topic. In Davitashen, the wind raised some dust in the air, so that we had to shut the windows. The driver became irritated because of this and lit a cigarette. After nervously and quickly smoking the cigarette, he threw the cigarette end out of the window, and shouted; “So dirty this Armenia is, what to do?”.




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