Lawyers start striking

Lawyers start striking

Lawyers who have started striking against the examination of lawyers in the courts have organized a discussion for finding ways out of the situation.

According to lawyer Yervand Varosyan, the examination of lawyers in courts sometimes turns into a search.

“Is there a need to examine the lawyers before entering the court in Armenia? Is there any precedent when a lawyer has taken a banned subject to the court with him, has tried to assist in a crime or another offense? Of course, there isn’t. Therefore, I think the actions that are being implemented are not justified and are the result of an arbitrary approach”, said Mr Varosyan.

He also touched upon the way in which the search is being conducted: “This is done in a very humiliating way, demands for search are being presented, to which many lawyers oppose. And it cannot be not humiliating because lawyers are people with a special place in the society, it is unacceptable to treat them like that”.

Reflecting on the decision to set a list of prohibited subjects to bring to court, which was published, the lawyer added, “I am becoming more and more convinced that it is better for the public authorities not to take any actions, rather than try to find solutions”.


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