Sidorov on CSTO countries-Azerbaijan cooperation and arms sale

Sidorov on CSTO countries-Azerbaijan cooperation and arms sale

“Five years have passed since the previous exercises in 2012, approaches and known methods of conflict development have changed, consequently, it has brought to a change of decisions. The most difficult issue is the organization of the management, and we are conducting extensive research in this regard”, summarizing the progress of the CSTO “Partnership-2017” military exercises held in Armenia’s military training grounds, said Head of the CSTO Staff Anatoly Sidorov at the meeting with journalists.

“We do not hide that the opponent is conditional, it is a conventional state that has aggravated the situation and has started hostilities. And we neutralized them”, he noted.

Anatoly Sidorov stated that there were shortcomings during the exercises: “If everything went smoothly, we would not work like this. There are drawbacks, but the preparation of the commanders was quite high. We will present the shortcomings to the CSTO leadership with the aim of working towards their elimination”.

Let us add that the exercises will end tomorrow at one of the training grounds of the Armenian Armed Forces. According to Sidorov, relevant divisions of the Police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations will also participate.

Sidorov also expressed an opinion on cooperation between some CSTO member states and Azerbaijan, including arms sales. He did not express political assessments but mentioned: “If some countries cooperate, perhaps there are decisions made by the leaders of these countries, which deeply assess the situation. I think the problem is to keep the balance”.


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