Arman Navasardyan: Yerevan to give fig to Baku

Arman Navasardyan: Yerevan to give fig to Baku

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Arman Navasardyan believes that official Yerevan will never agree to hand lands over to Azerbaijan and to comply with other similar demands in the Artsakh issue settlement process. He is sure that Yerevan will give the fig to Baku. Arman Navasardyan, of course, believes that we can concede something, but considers official Yerevan’s position right: what and when to concede. In the sequence of steps, the speaker considers the primacy of the status of Artsakh the ultimate goal.  

Arman Navasardyan also believes that there will be no changes in the settlement process until the changes in the governance system in Armenia in 2018. He does not believe also in the existence of Lavrov’s plan, Yerevan’s alleged willingness to compromise according to that plan. He considers those to be propaganda materials.

Speaking about Aliyev-Sargsyan possible meeting, Arman Navasardyan expressed an opinion that, no matter what, it would be right for that meeting to take place. He believes that such meetings contribute to the easing of tension on the contact line.

By the way, the previous day, the President of Azerbaijan made a statement that the international mediators exert pressure on Armenia to go for a meeting, since it allegedly failed to accomplish certain obligations assumed in Vienna and St. Petersburg. Aliyev also said that there can be no preconditions for the settlement of the Artsakh issue for Baku. Arman Navasardyan noted, “Aliyev being a good diplomat (he has received a good education) lies”. According to the Ambassador, there can be no preconditions, Yerevan will never refuse the precondition of the Vienna and St. Petersburg agreements implementation by Azerbaijan.

Arman Navasardyan considers Serzh Sargsyan’s response to Ilham Aliyev to be tough but appropriate.


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