Around what Armenia and Azerbaijan negotiate: explains Shavarsh Kocharyan

Around what Armenia and Azerbaijan negotiate: explains Shavarsh Kocharyan

The Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Shavarsh Kocharyan was asked about whether Armenian side does not bring forth the preconditions which had been enlisted by Serzh Sargsyan after April War and continues to go for negotiations with Azerbaijan.  

Pursuant to the conviction of the Deputy Minister, now the negotiations are about creating an atmosphere of trust first and foremost: “We should always differentiate between 2 platforms – one connected with creating an atmosphere of trust, without which the progress in negotiation process is impossible. It is evident that there is no ground in place, a positive inclination, which will allow us to speak of the progress in negotiation process. Azerbaijan has not fulfilled his international obligations for 25 years in a row and will appear under pressure in any case. Be it the core negotiation process relative to Karabakh, their neglect towards international organizations, their steps whereby they want to spoil European organizations. Today we stand in a situation  where Azerbaijan has put himself aside from the rules of the game and it is obvious that all that cannot be eternal.”

As stated by Kocharyan, Azerbaijan eventually deals with 3 permanent members of the UN Security Council, that is – the intermediaries: “Now, a question – the mission of 3 permanent members of the UN Security Council is not to allow any war in any corner of the world. But if they are intermediaries and by being intermediaries they allow military operations, it is a slap to 3 permanent members. Azerbaijan knows that and tries to get rid of that format anyhow, in which he will not succeed.”

Addressing to Sargsyan-Aliyev planned meeting, Kocharyan explained that it is not known when the meeting will take place yet. The Deputy Minister is sure the content of that meeting is not favorable to Baku: “From that perspective, Aliyev’s provocative statement is not a coincidence, via which he was trying to distort this content and represent another thing. However, I do not think he will be able to avoid of that meeting, nevertheless.”


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