Hanna Huntley was learning Armenian and wanted to develop Armenian community

Hanna Huntley was learning Armenian and wanted to develop Armenian community

The news about the death of Hanna Huntley, 23, an American volunteer, terrified me. I got acquainted with her only few weeks ago and a few days ago we had a phone call. We met at “Bohem” studio-teahouse in Sevan. It is a small cozy teahouse in the center of Sevan.

While our photographer was taking pictures of the teahouse, Hanna and I had a small talk in front of the teahouse underneath the rays of sunshine. Hanna arrived in March and was going to stay here for two years.

Initially, Hanna wanted to volunteer in countries like Ukraine and did not have a clue about Armenia. She liked Armenia when she was here, nevertheless. Moreover, she had already been to a lot of places of interest.

Hanna had a row plans about Armenia. She was wondering why Armenians are mainly living in capital Yerevan. Hanna loved Sevan so much, she was only complaining of a little bit cold weather in Sevan. But she found the solution – wearing as many warm clothes as possible. According to her, one of the solutions to reduce the temps of migration from Armenia was to centralize the potential in towns of Armenia. She also advised me to move from Yerevan to another town of Armenia and start to change the reality there.

Hanna was enthusiastic about “Bohem”. She was telling me with a great pleasure about the works of the teahouse, abo Sevan inhabitants, how “Bohem” had become the third place of Sevan, where people like to spend their time with their families. Hanna was very happy that they managed to break the stereotypes about the cafes, and people started to visit, to listen to good music, to drink some tea and to interact with each other.

When the photographer joined us and asked me to tell Hanna to enter the teahouse in English, she surprised me when she continued my sentence. Hanna was also learning Armenian – could understand and speak Armenian already.

When I opened my browser and saw Hanna’s picture, at first I was happy as I thought that it was our article. But I could not have imagined the news about her death would accompany the picture we had taken that day. Hanna passed away because of a car crash. I could not believe my eyes, could not realize it was true, it was difficult to accept the reality. There is only one thing left to do: to say – rest in peace Hanna.




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  1. Tórera Fagbenle says:

    Dear Ami,

    Hanna was my dear friend at high school in America. I send my deepest condolences to you and the community of Sevan.
    If you could forward any details of her funeral services, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you.

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