Gegharkunik Marz Governor reports progress in implementation of Premier’s assignments

Gegharkunik Marz Governor reports progress in implementation of Premier’s assignments

Gegharkunik Marz Governor Karen Botoyan reported on the process of implementation of the assignments given at the August 25 consultation held in Gegharkunik marz. With reference to agriculture, Governor Botoyan noted that a new culture is being forged in his province: apricot orchards running on drip irrigation have been established. Broccoli is being cultivated, and consistent steps are underway to increase the output volume. In the framework of the State lease support program, 21 units of agricultural machinery have been provided to the Marz.

Work is being carried out to establish intensive orchards, hail-proof networks and drip irrigation systems. Coming to investment programs, the Governor advised that 32 investment projects had been presented to the Government. 6 projects were approved, of which 2 have already been financed.

In compliance with the Prime Minister’s instruction, specific work has been done to increase community revenue collection. Karen Botoyan said this year’s own revenue target was 13.5% higher than in 2016. The overall collection performance proved 104.8%, i.e. 211 million drams up against the same period last year.

The following indicators have been recorded in the field of garbage collection: 138 landfills and garbage dumps have been explored and mapped, of which 100 have been closed, with 9 others to be closed in the near future. The number of garbage collection contracts has increased by 101% from 858 to 1760 in September-October, 2017. The collection level is 80 percent for individual households.

The Prime Minister appreciated the progress in this field. However, he pointed out that the results were still insufficient, and it was decided to take up the matter in a short while.

In conclusion, it was reported that construction activities worth 9 billion drams have been carried out in Gegharkunik Marz.

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