On top of impregnable cliff: how is Kobayravanq renovated?

On top of impregnable cliff: how is Kobayravanq renovated?

From the main highway, one can reach Kobayravanq only by a sport utility vehicle or by walking through one-kilometer path admiring the colors of Lori autumn. Locals call the other road a “road of a cart”. Bowed, however, still magnificent Kobayr monastery is on the top of a cliff. The Minister of Culture and journalists who visited to observe the reconstructing works of the medieval era monastery reach the top by elevator: others prefer to climb on the cliffs watching the water streams and caves.

It is not possible to completely rebuild Kobayravank, which once was a famous scientific-cultural center in Armenia, but the task is to save the sanctuary from decay through reinforcement and some repair work. The main church and the eastern part of the refectory are now fortified, while the bell tower is completely restored thanks to the work carried out within the last few years. This year, the area has also been cleaned and excavated. “Some fragments of the church buildings have been found, also, late medieval economic structures have been opened. Those prove that there has been a constant monastic populated village here”, Deputy Minister of Culture Arev Samuelyan informed the journalists.

Armen Amiryan said that, unlike the defects recorded in the Sanahin Monastery complex, generally, he is satisfied with the renovation works of Kobayravank.

In the near future, the Minister of Culture will follow the Goshavank reinforcement works. He visits the construction sites to establish public control over the monuments repair works and to strengthen the liability of responsible construction companies.



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