‘Why Robert Abajyan remains without bullet and explodes himself’: students to Facebook speculators

‘Why Robert Abajyan remains without bullet and explodes himself’: students to Facebook speculators

“For two days, I have been observing a countermeasure on the web from “intellectuals” and those who are worried by this movement addressed to us. They say, we know these councils that award candidate and doctoral degrees, we know what is going on, we see who receive the degree of a candidate of science. Sorry, but are we to blame that every second gets a candidate degree? You rather make changes in scientific councils. Or are you following the tendency that if one of the organs is sick, you remove it, as you do not know how to cure?”, said the students protesting against the limitation of the right to deferment, who have been striking for 5 days in a row.

The students walked through different faculties and tried to find someone who would prove they were wrong and would say that they are for the bill.

The students also visited the Romance and Germanic Philology faculty.

A picture of Robert Abajyan, a hero killed in Artsakh is on the building of this faculty, during one of the previous protests a well-known photo was taken: protesters demanding a deferment with their poster, on the background of the deceased hero. This photo was disseminated on Facebook and caused a lot of discussions.

The students touched upon these debates and criticisms: “Speculators, Facebook false patriots note: are you better than Robert Abajyan, did not he want to study too? Robert Abajyan is our national hero if we had some people like Robert Abajyan in Artsakh, I am sure we would live in different conditions today. But these fake patriots who say that Robert Abajyan deceased and that some strikers demand deferment, let me address them a question: have they expressed concern about why did Robert Abajyan remain without a bullet and explode himself? Did anyone ask why he remained without bullets, or are they manipulating only those things that are beneficial to them? Why should it have been so, why should he have remained without bullets so that some people could speculate it today?”.



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