No neutral experts

No neutral experts

On Friday, the Constitutional Court made decision according to which Vanadzor City Council sessions were declared illegitimate. The sessions were convened by the minority, the majority were boycotting them, and such a situation by simple logic cannot be considered as normal. But simple logic and legal formulations are quite different things. The latter are “complicated”, difficult, and allow the parties to make different, diametrically opposite comments.

And here we need an assessment of an unbiased, non-politicized expert, who would explain to us what is implied from the Constitutional Court’s decision. Because, according to National Assembly deputy Edmon Marukyan, the decision implies that the Council of Vanadzor should be dissolved and new elections should be held. The current Mayor, Mamikon Aslanyan said that nothing is implied from the decision, they will continue to rule the city as they have ruled so far.

We, journalists, quickly found out that there are no specialists, and if there are any, they do not have the desire to speak on this topic.

And indeed, after Vladimir Nazarian’s (Rubenich, as everyone was calling him) death, one of the most famous specialists in state law, whom I used to consult with when writing on such topics, was Hrayr Tovmasyan. But first he became Minister of Justice, then Head of National Assembly Staff, and now he is a deputy. And not an ordinary deputy, but a member of the Republican faction (where Mamikon Aslanyan is also a member), and the chairman of the state-legal commission of the Parliament. They say, he will also become Chairman of the Constitutional Court. That is, the inconsistency of interests is obvious.

And the other well-known specialist, Vardan Poghosyan, as well as professors and associate professors of the corresponding chair, as I said, do not want to clarify the decision of the Constitutional Court. I can guess why.

In general, there is a lack of politically neutral specialists for me. People who do not have any benefits from any side and are not dependent on any one, have comprehensive knowledge and do their job. I need such people, but does the majority of the society need? I believe they don’t. The majority require the information and people who confirm their delusions, prejudices and superstitions. No demand, no supply.

However, I wonder how Rubenich would comment on this Vanadzor issue.


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