“Yelq” MP met students on hunger strike

“Yelq” MP met students on hunger strike
Ararat Mirzoyan, member of “Yelq” fraction, met the students who have gone on a hunger strike. 
The students who are locked in one of the auditoriums of Yerevan State University refused to open the door and let in the MP and reporters, as they were afraid that security officers will invade the auditorium and will take them out. 
Mirzoyan was forced to speak to them by phone and urged them to stop the hunger strike. 
“It is an extreme form of fighting”, he told the reporters, “I do not encourage hunger strike during any protest. Unfortunately, they are firm in their decision.”
Ararat Mirzoyan also informed that he had a conversation with the deputy defense minister: “I have told him that students are resolute and the government has to make some concessions. The response of Artak Zakaryan was not positive. But I have urged him to consult again on this issue. The passing of the law is not a solution.”
Let us remind you, that five students announced today a hunger strike and they are demanding to freeze the discussion of the law in the Parliament which aims to limit the right to deferment.
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