Parliament discuss criticized law: MPs urge students stop hunger strike

Parliament discuss criticized law: MPs urge students stop hunger strike
Parliament of Armenia discusses the draft law “on the military service and status of the soldier”.  Let us remind you that this law limits the right to deferment and students are protesting against it. 
Artak Zakaryan, deputy defense minister, who was reporting the draft law said that law is going to ensure equal principles. According to him, the right to continue the tuition is removed from the grounds of the deferment. It has been replaced with the targeted tuition. Male students should sign a contract with defense ministry, continue their education without intermission and then also serve in the army. According to the current law, the list of diseases which are ground for exemption from the military service establishes the minister, now the government establish it.   
Koryun Nahapetyan, chair of standing committee on defense, said that there were some suggestions after the first reading: “We have suggested to clearly define in what cases the government will have the right to allow citizens of the Republic of Armenia to receive the right to deferment.  Those who have significant achievements in science, sports, culture, education, and arts can still receive it.” 
According to Nahapetyan, the tuition basis still exists and the concerns are not appropriate. Margarit Yesayan, Republican MP,  added that the draft was thoroughly studied: “I ask the students to stop the hunger strike and return to the normal logical field. I ask the students to stop their protests and return to their classes.”
Vardan Bostanjyan, chair of standing committee on science, education, culture, youth, and sport, suggested to listen to some of the student’s demands: “I would like to hear the voice of our youth.” 
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