‘Documents archived and demolished’: Zakaryan on Vigen Sargsyan’s army service

‘Documents archived and demolished’: Zakaryan on Vigen Sargsyan’s army service

The Deputy Minister of Defence, Artak Zakaryan was told that the question of Vigen Sargsyan’s army service remains unanswered. He replied that Nikol Pashinyan has requested, received the response, and if he is not satisfied with the answer, then we should ask him.

Asked in what army he has served, he has studied simultaneously both in Saint Petersburg and the Republic of Armenia, Artak Zakaryan answered that the documents are in place.

To our objection, that there are no grounds, the military commissariat has not provided the documents, Artak Zakaryan responded: “The grounds of my army service do not exist as well, this is the system, after 5 years the documents are archived and demolished. I have served in the army, none of you can find documents that I have served, there is only a notice about it in my military ID.”

The journalists conveyed the public discontent constituting that even if the Minister of Defence has served pursuant to the documents, he, in essence, has not taken arms in his hands, has not been in the frontline, has not had a chance to be wounded as other soldiers. Artak Zakaryan responded that army service has different types: “Why do you want importantly for all to be wounded or recovered? I have been lucky not to receive any injuries, I have been lucky for a few times by accident.”

As stated by the Deputy Minister, we are in a country where the war has not ceased yet and it is not clear who will receive injuries, who will become a hero and who will be a traitor: “Vigen Sargsyan’s services are very open to the state and the public, the military service encompassed.”


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