Putin makes announcement after which Armenia should be awake: ‘Zhamanak’

Putin makes announcement after which Armenia should be awake: ‘Zhamanak’

The President of Russia, Putin has made an announcement after his meeting with Erdogan in Sochi, that Russo-Turkish relations are fully restored, including in security field. What lacked for announcing the reconciliation before and what Erdogan has added or provided in Sochi, is, of course, difficult to say, however, judging from historical precedents, if Russo-Turkish relations are comprehensive, then it is at least a ground and reason for Armenian people to be awake and cautious.

Assuredly, to univocally proceed from the historical precedent is wrong presently, contemporary world has a completely different ratio of powers due to the technological revolution, and territory is a highly relative phenomenon, but in any case, the Russo-Turkish utter friendship means that Armenian people should be unified in part of their cautiousness. Moreover, when Putin speaks of the security field.

The problem is, that at least for Turkey security comprises also Armenian issue. Armenian issue, in its part, includes not only recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but also a set of other components, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the issue of Armenian statehood encompassed altogether. And consequently, we may imagine what Ankara expects from Russia from that part, if the reconciliation is comprehensive from the security perspective as well.


Musa Mikayelyan


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