‘Yerkir Tsirani’ unifies Armenians via newly created website

‘Yerkir Tsirani’ unifies Armenians via newly created website

The president of the party, Zaruhi Postanjyan announced that the purpose is to establish connection with the whole public, conveying their ideology, principles and planned actions. “We plan to have “Yerkir Tsirani” branches in all regions of the world, where Armenian communities exist. The website will be interactive, we should publish our video records, inform the public what goes on in Armenia, what actions we plan in Armenia and abroad. The website aims at uniting the whole Armenian nation. We have given our Armenians to the world always. Now it is the time for Armenians to unite, to serve their potential and capacities to our Armenia. But it should not be through charity, which has been the case  throughout these 25 years. Not by charity, but by their direct participation. Contemporary world gives us that opportunity. You can live in Los Angeles, but engage in politics in Armenia”, explained Zaruhi Postanjyan.



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