Tigran Torosyan draws attention to EU-Armenia agreement English text related to Karabakh issue

Tigran Torosyan draws attention to EU-Armenia agreement English text related to Karabakh issue

At the National Assembly hearings on the “Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership” political scientist, former MP Tigran Torosyan noted that the EU agreement provides a wide range of possibilities, but at the same time presents challenges: challenges are numerous: “Any, even the best agreement may remain just as a document of opportunities if no serious steps are taken to implement them. A very important objective is to accomplish extremely important goals that are recorded in the document. It is very important that the EU has essentially revised its strategy within the Eastern Partnership in recent years, it prefers to work with each side considering their peculiarities”.

He noted that the basis for the implementation of the goals of the agreement is the common values, revision of our values, interests of country should also become the problems within the framework of the EU’s interests.

According to Tigran Torosyan, this document refers not only to integration but also to our internal life: “democracy is not only the existence of documents, real democracy implies three directions of serious work: constitutional or legislative, value and behavioral. In all three directions, we have a lot of work to do so that all this becomes an approach for a vast majority of our society”.

He noted that understanding the problems is very important for us, which include the stabilization of multi-party system, radical reforms in educational and scientific fields.

At the end of the speech, Torosyan said: “The formulation related to the NKR issue is important. It may seem that the principles that are set out are known. Certainly, it is known, but it is very important that the commitment of the EU, which has been documented in that document, solve the problem within the framework of these principles. In the English text, the word “states” in the expression of territorial immunity of states is capitalized, which means that the “state” does not mean any state, but the territorial integrity of the UN member states, and this does not contradict the right of self-determination”.



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