Russian political scientist Mirzoyan divides Armenian critics into categories

Russian political scientist Mirzoyan divides Armenian critics into categories

Pro-Russian politician Gevorg Mirzoyan who lives in Russia posted a note on his Facebook page, trying to classify the Armenians expressing their opinion on his last participation in the NTV’s “Meeting Place” program.

“First, messages of 90 percent of critics were in the style of “criminal Putin’s and Rashka’s servant”, which, in fact, is good. Anyway they are stupid Russophobes and (as a result) also Armenophobs,  who are trying to destroy Armenia. To put it another way, they are the antis.

Second, more than 90 percent of critically acclaimed people (not necessarily belonging to the first group) backed their position as “Armenian has no right to speak so”. Excellent, this means they do not have real counter-arguments, they are just offended that the “pus is coming out”. Unfortunately, there is so much rottenness inside that it is no longer possible to be cured by medicines, the ulcer of pus must be removed. In other words, death. Once again I’ll repeat Kissinger’s formula for them: first I am a political scientist, then Russian, then an Armenian. And here Golda Meir’s answer (they read from right to left in Israel) does not work. To speak of things as those are is my job as a political scientist, and my duty as Russian, and as Armenian.

I will continue to hold such a sober position: to talk about Armenian Karabakh (the area belongs to those who control it), about Armenia’s right to diversification (even virtual), about public’s unreasonable dreams of returning Western Armenia, about the danger of the campaign for the international recognition of the Genocide, and that the blockaded Armenian state needs to take a sober view of things, without arrogance and reference to past power. It is sobriety, not arrogance that allowed the Armenians to survive for so many centuries at the crossroads of civilizations. If someone does not like it, that is their right: we live in a free country.  

And finally, third, I am very glad that during this whole dispute, a large number of Armenians supported my views. Who are afraid to express similar thoughts (not wishing to be criticized), but share my views. Good.

P.S. So, I appeal to look at Russian followers, make a conclusion on this, and realize that the wave of comments is not all on Armenia. Most people who are actually working, and not just babbling, have warm attitude towards Russia, and do not suffer from arrogance, or complexes. Regardless the extent to which they try to persuade you, those who benefit from it”, Mirzoyan has written.

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