Photo of the day: Who has right to demand in Gyumri?

Photo of the day: Who has right to demand in Gyumri?

Social advertisements, where Frunzik Mkrtchyan smiles at city visitors demanding: “You must visit the theatre”, and asks those who leave: “Did you visit?”, that are placed at the entrance and exit of Gyumri by Gyumri State Dramatic Theater have become a hot topic of discussions on the Internet.

Obviously, these posters have raised the enthusiasm of many users, who posted it on their pages noting: “Super”, “Bravo, excellent”, “Gyumri is worth visiting even only for this”, etc.

Clarifying the idea of creating such advertisement, director of Vardan Achemyan Dramatic Theater in Gyumri Tigran Virabyan told “We have to carry out everyday work to make the Gyumri theater and generally theaters more interesting, because we should be able to draw public attention to this important point of art, which is called theatre. The Gyumri Dramatic Theater uses a variety of tools for popularization, to make the theater more interesting for the public, not only from the outside but also by the quality of the performances, by the playlist policy.

To make theatre more interesting the first poster welcoming visitors of Gyumri couldn’t not be one leading to the theatre. Look, we set the first poster noting: “You must visit the theatre”. We considered over the word “must” for long, thinking whether who has the right to make requirements in this city, and naturally, we came to the unanimous conclusion that only Mher Mkrtchyan has the right to make this requirement. He can demand from people to visit the theatre, and to ask on the way back: “Did you visit?”. He asks the people whom he led to the theater. And you see, we have not highlighted Vardan Achemyan’s theater in Gyumri, but we talk about going to the theater in general. We do this not only for ourselves, but also for the puppet theater in Gyumri because it is also one of the most important cultural structures of this city, and it is about going to the theater in general.

Gyumri has considerable progress in terms of internal tourism: people visit Gyumri from any part of the country, and of course, the first place we lead them to is the theatre. We will post smaller versions of these posters on Gyumri-Yerevan routes. We are currently negotiating with the “South Caucasus” railway so that we can place posters in the trains. And we will be at the center of attention for every minute and direct our visitors of Gyumri to the theater”.


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